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Whip Salon's resident cosmetic injector Jackie Giannelli is a Ridgefield resident and mom of two young children. She brings a long history of surgical nursing experience with her to the role. She attended New York University for her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and then went on to earn her Masters as a Family Nurse Practitioner at San Francisco State University. She has honed her nursing skills at such institutions as Cornell, Stanford, and Montefiore Medical Center. 

Jackie first became involved in Botox and cosmetic injecting a few years ago while living and working on the West Coast. It was at that time that her professional goal of helping women and mothers to look and feel their best, was realized. Jackie is board certified through the American Nurses Credentialing Center, and received a secondary certification in medical aesthetics. She always strives to provide exceptional customer service, and partners with her clients with the goal of achieving a natural, yet beautiful cosmetic result. 

She is excited to call Whip Salon her new home and is taking appointments at both the Westport and Ridgefield locations. Book online or call 678-WHIPPED for mor information. 

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Photo of Jackie Giannelli, RN, MSN, FNP-BC




What is Botox?

Botox is a plant-derived substance that, when injected into the muscles that cause skin wrinkling, will weaken the muscles and prevent the overlying skin from wrinkling.  Botox injections are the most popular procedure in the practice of aesthetic medicine because they work so well! It takes about 2-3 days after injection for the weakening of the muscle to become noticeable, with the peak effect occurring about 7-14 days after injection.  Depending on how often you use the muscle injected and how quickly you metabolize the Botox, effects can last for anywhere from 3-6 months.  

Botox injections are proven to be extremely safe, and the majority of patients do not experience any complications.  That said, every procedure does involve a certain amount of risk.  So, before you get Botox injections, it is important that you understand the risks involved.

What is the cost?

The cost is driven by a per-unit price. It depends how many units you will require for your service and the price will be discussed with you as part of your consultation at the beginning of your appointment. You will always be told the price in advance of any injections being done.

What are the possible risks or complications?

  • Bleeding: As unusual as it is, it is possible to experience localized bleeding at the site(s) of injection during or after the procedure.  If you are worried about bleeding, you can stop taking any aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medications (Advil, Motrin, Aleve) for 10 days prior to your appointment.  If you are taking Coumadin, Xarelto, Eliquis or any other blood thinning medications please let us know prior to your appointment.
  • Bruising:  It is not uncommon to have some bruising at the injection site.  The bruising is usually minor, and almost always resolves within 5-7 days.
  • Infection: Infection is exceptionally unusual, and if it does occur, can easily be treated with antibiotics.
  • Allergic Reactions: Though exceedingly rare, there have been reports of local allergic reactions to Botox injections.  In addition, it is possible to have a systemic allergic reaction to the aesthetics or skin treatments used before or after the injection.  An allergic reaction would require additional medical treatment.
  • Drooping of the Eyelid (Ptosis): This is a very rare and very transient complication that can occur after injection.  Maintaining correct posture and positioning after the treatment can minimize the risk (you should not lay flat for 4 hours, and avoid vigorous exercise for 24 hours).  In the event that a ptosis does occur, it almost always resolves within several weeks.  
  • Unsatisfactory Results: Though we have every confidence that you will be pleased with our work, it is possible that you will be disappointed with the results of the procedure.  In extremely rare cases, the procedure may results in visible deformities, loss of function and/or loss of sensation.  Please keep in mind, even in these very rare and extreme cases, Botox always wears off and none of these results will be permanent

How can I learn more?
If you’d like to schedule a consultation or appointment with our onsite injector Jackie please call 678-WHIPPED.